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Man Of Tai Chi Movie Khatrimaza. Okay guys, i have seen many, many people posting about not getting their Brawls to work. I found a very nice guide made by AvEnGeR-X which told about how to do this, but it wasn't very detailed so i declared to make a very detailed one. Good, since i've said that, let's begin!

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I have taken many of this from the guide made by AvEnGeR-X, which can be found here: I tried to make a more detailed version of his DVD-9 part, all credits are for him, not for me! What do we need?

-IMGburn (get it from ) -A blank DVD+R DL from Verbatim, notice that it has to be +, and not -! This because it needs a layerbreak, and - is unable to handle that, while + does. -A burner which is able to burn DL discs with layerbreaks and has DVD-ROM booktype support. -A few minutes of your life.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (v1.02) ROM download for Nintendo Gamecube.

-A nice, hot cup of coffee. -The PAL ISO from Super Smash Bros. Photodex Proshow Gold 7.0.3518 Crack.

-(OPTIONAL)The.dvd file (Get it here, and save it for later in this guide: ) Good, now that we have all the stuff we need, prepare your hot cup of coffee and read on. First, we insert the blank DVD+R DL into the burner. (OPTIONAL: Then, we put the downloaded.dvd file and the.iso into the same folder, and give them both the same name. Brawl.dvd and Brawl.iso Then we doubleclick the.dvd file, which will automatically open IMGburn, if not, associate it with IMGburn and it will. It will load your ISO automatically, if you have renamed both files identical as described above.) Now we go to Tools, then Settings, then click the tab Write, choose under Layer Break for User Specified and fill this in: 2084960 Now we click OK and we will be back on the main screen. Make sure that you have selected the correct device in the list (The burner with the blank DVD+R DL in it) and put the speed at 2.4x* If you can't find that speed in your list, then put it on 4x.* * = I suggest using 2.4x or 4x if you have bad burns at higher speeds, if you have errors while burning at lower speeds, then try higher speeds. See also this thread for more about this: Good, now check the Verify option and click the huge button with the two images and the arrow between it, and it will begin the process!