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Watch online and download Superman vs. Aliens comic in high quality. Various formats from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). HTML5 available for mobile devices.

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Aliens and Predator 02 (2007) (TheRedStar-DCP).cbr - 35.44 MB • Superman vs. Predator 03 (Parallax-DCP).cbr - 20.95 MB • Superman vs.

Predator 02 (Parallax-DCP). Ematic Digital Converter Box Software Update. cbr - 20.9 MB • Superman vs. Predator 01 (Parallax-DCP).cbr - 20.28 MB • Superman - Aliens 02.cbr - 19.82 MB • Superman - Aliens 01.cbr - 19.66 MB • Superman - Aliens 03.cbr - 19.52 MB • Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator 01 (of 2) (2007) (CamelotScans-DCP).cbr - 17.24 MB • Superman - Aliens II - God War 03.cbr - 9.2 MB • Superman - Aliens II - God War 02.cbr - 8.94 MB • Superman - Aliens II - God War 04.cbr - 8.79 MB • Superman - Aliens II - God War 01.cbr - 8.68 MB • Superman vs. Terminator - Death to the Future 01 (ABRAXSIS).cbr - 6.12 MB • Superman vs. Terminator - Death to the Future 02 (ABRAXSIS).cbr - 5.93 MB • Superman vs. Terminator - Death to the Future 04 (ABRAXSIS).cbr - 5.76 MB • Superman vs. Terminator - Death to the Future 03 (ABRAXSIS).cbr - 5.6 MB.

Collection of mini-series where Superman battles the Alien and Predator creatures, as well as the Terminators. Superman/Aliens On the investigation of an incoming probe as part of Lexcorp's attempts to improve its public image, Clark is shocked to discover that the pod's transmissions are a Kryptonian distress call. Making contact with the pod, Superman receives a telepathic transmission of a city that survived the destruction of its planet, and is now running out of resources.

Taking a ship to investigate the city Superman finds more than just survivors. Story and layout art by Dan Jurgens, with finished art by Kevin Nowlan. Superman/Aliens II: God War Darkseid acquires several Alien eggs, subsequently sending them to New Genesis within several Parademons and unleashing them on his foes.

Orion accompanies Superman on a mission to Apokolips to destroy the Alien Queen. Written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Jon Bogdanove and Kevin Nowlan. Predator Superman goes to investigate a mysterious alien ship in the Central American jungles, where he is afflicted by a virus that significantly drains his powers. The Predator nonetheless senses he is a worthy opponent and begins stalking him with the intention of making him its next trophy. Superman and Batman vs.

Aliens and Predator When a group of explorers goes missing near a dormant volcano in the Andes mountains, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are sent to investigate. Meanwhile, the Batman is following leads of his own, following unprecedented worldwide sightings of Predators.