The Hungry Woman Cherrie Moraga Pdf File

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The Hungry Woman Cherrie Moraga Pdf File

MEDEA, a midwife and curandera in her mid-forties. LUNA, Medea's lover of seven years; stone mason and clay scultor, late thirties.!' A!-M##L, Medea's thirteen-year-old son. MAMA $AL, Medea's a%in%%randmother, late seventies.!&'UAAE# (El!oro), chorus of four warrior women who, accordin% to A*tec myth, have died in child+irth. 'ere they are identified +y the four directions and four rimary re-!olum+ian colors East (ed), North (lac/), 0est (0hite) and $outh (lue). he fi%ures wear the faces of the dead in the form of s/ulls.

heir hands are shaed into claws. heir +reasts aear +are and their s/irts are tied with the cord of a sna/e. Love Love Shine Stepmania Theme.

hey are +arefoot, their an/les wraed in shell rattles. he chorus erforms in the traditional style of A*tec dan*antes. $A 1 ANNA', Luna's%irlfriend, African-American, layed +y!ihuatateo 0est, wears white.

NU$E, Medea's a%in% careta/er in the sychiatric hosital, layed +y the!ihuatateo East, wears red. 2A$3N, Medea's hus+and and!hac-Mool's father; layed +y!ihuatateo $outh, wears +lue.

'E #DE 4UAD, also lays the 5rison 4uard and the  attoo Artist, layed +y!ihuatateo North, wears +lac/. N#E All characters are to +e layed +y women, with the e6cetion of!hac- mool, who should +e layed +y a +oy. he lay ta/es lace in the near future of a fictional ast--one only dreamed in the!hicana ima%ination. An ethnic civil war has 7+al/ani*ed7 the United $tates. Medea, her lover Luna and Medea's child!hac-Mool have +een e6iled to what remains of 5hoeni6, Ari*ona. Located in the +order re%ion +etween 4rin%olandia (white Ameri/a) and A*tl8n (!hicano country), 5hoeni6 is now a city-in-ruin, the dumin% site of every /ind of oison and erson unwanted +y its nei%h+ors.

$cenes shift from the 7resent,7 where Medea is an inmate in a rison sychiatric ward, to events in the ast leadin% u to Medea's incarceration. 5sychiatric ward scenes are reresented +y a deadenin% silence and the%lare of hosital l i%hts. 5hoeni6 is reresented +y the ceaseless rac/et of a city-out-of-control (constant traffic, low-flyin% 9 et lanes, haw/ers s:uaw/in% their wares, muy 7.