Torrent The Mothman Prophecies Italy Earthquake

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I'm sure many of you have seen the 2002 movie The Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney. That movie was based on a real creature seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The myth of the began on November 12, 1966 in West Virginia. In a local cemetery, five men were preparing a grave for burial when they spotted a 'brown human being' lift off from nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were mystified by the sighting. The unidentified creature looked more like a man with wings rather than a bird. However, those five men wouldn't be the last ones to see it.

Three days later, two married couples saw it as they were driving past an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They claimed to have seen two large eyes attached to something shaped like a man with big wings folded against its back. When the creature moved toward the plant door, the couples panicked and sped away. Later on, they saw the same creature on a hillside near the road. As they were traveling over 100 miles per hour, the creature flew next to the car, keeping up with their speed. They reported to Deputy Sheriff Millard Halstead that it followed them down Highway 62, all the way to the Point Pleasant city limits. They weren't the only group that saw the creature that night.

Torrent The Mothman Prophecies Italy Earthquake

The other four witnesses claimed to have seen the 'bird' three different times. However, those sightings were pretty mild compared to the one Newell Partridge had. Around 10:30 that same evening, Partridge, who lived about 90 miles from Point Pleasant, saw a weird pattern fill his television screen followed by loud, whining sounds from outside.

Torrent The Mothman Prophecies Italy Earthquake

'It sounded like a generator winding up,' he stated. Dumbfounded by what was going on, he walked outside finding his dog, Bandit, facing the hay barn, 150 yards from the house. Partridge turned his flashlight in that direction and spotted two red circle-like eyes that were moving like red orbs.

He believed they did not belong to that of any animal and the sight of them frightened him. Bandit was an experienced hunting dog and protective of his territory. Carman Scan 1 Software Cardinality. So, it was no surprise that he shot off in pursuit of the glowing eyes. Partridge tried to stop him but he didn't pay any attention. Instead, Partridge went back in the house for his gun but was too scared to return outside. He ended up sleeping that night with his gun propped up next to the bed. Bandit was no where to be seen the next morning.

Partridge read in the newspaper about the sightings and especially took notice of a statement from a Roger Scarberry, a member of the group who spotted the strange 'bird' at the TNT plant. He stated that they saw the body of a large dog laying on the side of the road and a few minutes later, on their way back out of town, the dog was gone. Newell Partridge believed that it may have been Bandit, who was never seen again. A press conference was held in the county courthouse on November 16th where the couples from the TNT plant sighting repeated their story. Deputy Halstead, who had known the four people all of their lives, took them very seriously and many reporters did as well.