Ultimate Questions Thinking About Philosophy 3rd Edition

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This inexpensive and brief text offers careful explanations of how problems are connected to our thinking about the universe, then uses vivid and engaging examples to further enhance this up-to-date examination of the main problems in contemporary philosophy. More than 100 'Food for Thought' exercises elicit reaction to philosophical problems, give readers a chance to test whether they have grasped important philosophical concepts, and offer opportunities for genuine conversations about philosophy.Readers interested in contemporary philosophy. Author Biography. In This Section: I. Author Bio II. Author Letter I. Author Bio Nils Ch.

Rauhut studied philosophy and history at the University of Regensburg (Germany). He received an M. Md5 Hash Cracker Online Web Script on this page. A. Degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Ph.D. In philosophy from the University of Washington in Seattle.

He taught at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, and he is currently teaching at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. Author Letter Dear Colleague, I have taught Introduction to Philosophy in various class sizes and at various academic institutions for more than fifteen years. I enjoy it tremendously but I also know that teaching the course is challenging. A genuine introduction to philosophy requires a conversation between us, the students, and the content.

However, students are often reluctant to engage in genuine conversations about great ideas. Why think, argue, or speak in class if listening to lectures seems so much more convenient? My textbook, Ultimate Questions: Thinking about Philosophy 3e, is constructed to get students actively engaged in doing philosophy together with you in the classroom. More than 100 Food for Thought Exercises in the text are designed to generate lively classroom discussions and sharpen critical thinking.

The exercises are designed to make the philosophy classroom more interactive and they help students realize whether they have grasped important concepts clearly. My text does not presuppose that students already have a natural curiosity to think and talk about great philosophical questions.

Instead, it is designed to awaken such curiosity by showing them how the great questions arise naturally in our ordinary ways of being. The book is an invitation for students to realize that the great questions of philosophy are invariably intertwined with the way all of us live every day. To study the great questions then, is ultimately an attempt to get to know ourselves. Students read much less than we instructors hope.

I have tried to write Ultimate Questions such that students are seduced into reading. I have tried to write clearly without oversimplifying any philosophical position or problem. My hope is that the book can provide for students partly what a lecture normally provides, so that instructors have more freedom to use class time for discussions, group work, role play or any other form of active learning. Pokerstars Add Money Hack. I would be delighted to hear from anyone using this book in their classes, and would especially value any suggestions for improvement, my e-mail is nrauhut@coastal.edu. Sincerely, Nils Rauhut Coastal Carolina University Table of Contents.