Urban Myth Game Questions

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Modern Myths Quizzes - Urban Legends: trivia questions, facts and quizzes. Trivia Quizzes, Games, and Facts. Urban legends often take the form of cautionary tales. Quarterback Speak. Before Super Bowl XXII in 1. Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams,. Jesse Jackson or any other black civil rights leaders.

Urban Myth Game Questions

Rating: 6/10 - A good idea for a party game with an okay implementation. Urban Myth is Yet Another Trivia Game. This time you're guessing if a given urban myth is true or false.

It has a few interesting twists and the topic is entertaining. Unfortunately it's marred by a number of flaws.

The board is arranged into four rings that share a single large space in the middle. Driver Anatel Modem Pcie. Each player has a pawn that starts in the middle. With the exception of the center space, each space is marked with one of the categories of myths: business, celebrities, classics, crime, health, and nature. Some spaces have the Urban Myth logo and are wild. The questions themselves are urban legends, one or two per card.

The myths are put into one of the six categories. The backs of the card are labeled with one of the letters E, H, M, R, T, U, and Y, or a wild card.

The goal of the game is to collect these cards by correctly guessing if a myth is true or false. The first player to spell MYTH or TRUE wins. Players take turns acting as the quiz master. They pull out a card and read the category and myth. The other players all decide if they believe the myth is true or false. They secretly indicate their decision by hiding a card under their hand; one side is labeled 'myth,' the other 'truth.'