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(these grips in the picture also fit us interarms ppk/s only that made of stainless steel. Simodrive 6sc6101 Pdf File. ). Look luxury grips. ebay! Rating is available when the video has been rented. The Cheapest Clothes Shopping in Bangkok. Is Selling Evil? (animated video) - Duration.

Pattaya Nightlife 2016 VLOG_65 (Soi 6, LK Metro and Walking Street, Pattaya) This video was taken on a weekday in April 2016 at Pattaya, Thailand. Note that it is much quieter on this day than a typical Friday or Saturday in Pattaya. Feel free to skip around the video, the parts are: Soi 8, first beer of the night Soi 6, including a few beers at the Ruby Club bar Heading back to Soi Buakhao from Soi 6 Dinner at Kiss Food and Drink, Soi Diana LK Metro quick look around Walking Street Soi Diamond Lucky Carousel Bar Walking Street 2,30am onwards ibar / insomnia fail* The guy from VLOG 26** looking in better spirits:) Walking up Soi Diamond alley at 4,30am * About the Insomnia incident. I didn't get any footage inside on this night as I was purposely barged into twice by a steroid using Westerner who was dancing around energetically. I told him the first time to calm it down, and then the second time he flat out pushed me wanting fisticuffs. Download Game Naruto Generations Single Links.

The insomnia bouncers backed away probably excited at the possibility of a fight to deal with. If you frequent the bar areas that I go to you will know that it does not take much to spark a brawl between 2 aggressive parties, and I've seen my fair share of fights. In this instance I completely diffused the situation by telling the guy to calm down before leaving. No good can come from a fight, especially in Thailand.

If I did fight him I risked being barred from insomnia, maybe ending up at the police station, or if the roid user had a few sneaky friends around I could have ended up on the floor being stomped on. I'm happy with my handling of the situation and would encourage anyone in a similar position to walk away too. Finally, life will catch up with Mr Roid Rage in the end and I'd be surprised if he's not dead with 5 years due to his erratic behaviour and poor lifestyle choices. On a lighter note. ** I was surprised to see this guy smiling on Walking Street after seeing him in a bad way in October 2015. Check out VLOG 26 where he appears around the 8 minute mark. Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe to this channel, follow me on twitter, and bookmark the website to be sure not to miss any new releases.

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