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Ok, this may be the dumbest question ever, but I swear I searched for the answer and don't know what to do. I need to install Visual Studio 2008. The free version.

I need it in order to compile something. Microsoft has a download page with a big red 'download' button. This button then proceeds to download a powerpoint file. No info under 'install instructions' I have found other links that show you how to install it, but assuming that you've already got whatever it is that needs to be downloaded.

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Microsoft Visual 2008 Express Download

I've also found a couple of random sites where I can download it, but don't know for sure if I can trust these sites. EDIT: I am also not having any luck finding visual studio express 2008. MS has links for 2012.

Dave, It says in the heading - >Visual Studio express 2008. That is the version I am currently using. If you go to About Microsoft Visual Studio on the Help menu, it will tell you at the top which version you are using.

At least, my version (Team System) does. But why do you not know which version you have? Did you pay for it? If not, you probably have the free Express edition, which does not have the x64 compiler (or MFC). Edit: Oops, sorry, you said Express.

Need my glasses checked. Adobe Premiere Full 32 Bit Zip Download more. If you are using the Express version, you can upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 for free, See these links for a discussion of 64-bit compilation in VS2013 Express. Wms 7 1 Keygens.

It seems that VS2013 Express does include the 'X86_ x64 cross-compiler' which can produce a x64 executable. You need to get the Professional version in order to get the '64-bit x64 compiler' in which the compiler itself is a 64-bit program. But the Visual Studio IDE is always a 32-bit program. David Wilkinson Visual C++ MVP.

The option to install a 64 bit compiler is not available Do you know if there is a more recent version that comes with the 64 bit compiler? I can just download that version in order to get the compiler. So you do have the Express version?

I so, If do not know if you can get the 64-bit compiler separately and incorporate it into Visual Studio. Why are you so keen to produce a 64-bit version of your application? Most applications (including Visual Studio itself) run perfectly well as 32-bit applications (on a 64-bit OS). The main benefit of 64-bit is the ability to access more memory. Does your application need a lot of memory? David Wilkinson Visual C++ MVP. Dave, I need 64 bit because my project requires >4GB of ram.

Back to the question at hand Why doesn't Microsoft package the vs2008 with the 64 bit compiler. I have been searching through the internet to find a solution and it is littered with complaints from people having the same problem as me. A better solution is have Microsoft fix a known issue I have asked you twice already which version of VS2008 you have.

It seems that you need Professional version or above to get the 64-bit compiler. Microsoft is not going to fix anything in VS2008 at this time. VS2010, 2012, 2013 and almost 2014 have been released since then. Why are you not using one of these later versions? David Wilkinson Visual C++ MVP. Dave, It says in the heading - >Visual Studio express 2008. That is the version I am currently using.