Windows Me Lite Iso

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Windows Me Lite Iso

DAEMON Tools Lite - free for non-commercial usage product - is a well-known solution that allows you to mount, copy and create an image. It works with the most.

Windows 7 - Reduce OS Installation Size (all editions, 32/64 bit) There are many tutorials out there, some even for RT 7 Lite. Many are forum posts and disorganized, or lack important details. Heard of nLite for slip-streaming Windows XP? For Windows Vista there's vLite.

This guide isn't your basic recycle bin properties, system cache, disable hibernation, and [fill in others] tweaks. Oh no, this is far less! Windows 7 only takes up 3.8GB total on my SSD, RAM around 350MB, and can cold boot around 10 seconds. Total clean install time is under 10 minutes. Is this a lie? Absolutely not, please keep reading.

(With much more advanced tweaking I'll be skipping due to user-specific tweaks, my record install is shy over 2.3GB used disk space.) If you're like me still rocking that 32GB or 60GB SSD, this tutorial may be of great interest. Fox Planer Thicknesser Manually there. Today's SSD price per GB has dropped significantly since the initial consumer SSD line. While it's easier for many to just buy a larger SSD, where's the fun in that? Windows 7 on a fresh install is roughly 18GB. On a 32GB SSD on netbooks, laptops, or SSD as a boot drive, that's unacceptable. Your beautiful SSD just got 'Windowed'.

After trial and error, countless hours on Googling, and now over a year steady on the same Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) ISO, I've finally decided to provide an alternative. If you choose to follow this tutorial, it is advanced, although this tutorial will spoon-feed the entire way.

No you will not 'brick' your device, however, the default 'I do not take responsibility for your actions' apply. Everything will have as much detail as possible. Gfi Languard 11 1 Keygen Music. Software needed:,, ( & ),, Microsoft Updates ( and ), and a I've put together with explanations included. To view the registry file contents, download to desktop, right click, and select Edit. Download all the software, and have the Windows 7 ISO located on the desktop. It's important to keep these files on the desktop to find it easier, later in the tutorial.

Images will have their descriptions located above. Categories will be named after the tabs on the left column in RT 7 Lite. PART 1 NOTE: RT 7 Lite may or may not show a Script Error, if it does, click 'Yes' both times. If you click 'No' any changes you make will not be kept. Each time you click 'Apply' you'll have to back to the previous tab. HOME Run RT 7 Lite, set priority to 'High' on the right, click Browse, and Select ISO file. You can also use your install disk, but if it isn't from Microsoft (i.e.

Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) there is a great chance it has bloatware that could potentially carry over. The program will prompt you to select an edition. Select whichever you have a product key for. Navigate to your desktop, and select it. This will take anywhere from a few minutes to thirty minutes depending on your computers hardware. When the ISO is loading, it'll ask you to save to a folder, name it Windows7 and click ok.

TASK When everything is loaded and completed, click 'Task' on the left column. Where it says 'Quick Start' select 'Advanced' and then click 'Integration' on the left column. INTEGRATION Click the 'Drivers' tab, click 'Printer' and click 'Remove' wait for it to disappear and click 'Apply' only if you do not use a printer. If you do own a printer, or plan to own a printer in the future, keep this. Under the Updates tab, we will select the kernel and usermode driver updates we downloaded from Microsoft earlier. Select them one at a time in this order:kernelmode and then usermode.

FEATURES On left column, click 'Features Removal.' On the right under 'Default features', uncheck Games, Tablet PC Components, and XPS Services/Viewer. Expand Media Features and uncheck Windows DVD Maker and Windows Media Center. Expand Print and Document Services and uncheck Windows Fax and Scan. Click 'Apply'. If you want to get rid of Gadgets, make sure the Windows Sidebar is UNCHECKED at this point, and click Apply to whatever you were working on.

Click on the Customization tab, then the Gadgets tab, select all, click Remove, wait till it's finished, and click Apply. Go back to Features tab, and now CHECK the Windows Sidebar for removal, and you can now continue where you left off. Features Explanations: *1394 Driver is for firewire. If you don't use firewire/thunderbolt, safe to remove.

*Display, keep the Standard VGA or your display won't show at all. Keep the HD Audio default driver. Can install your sound card driver later on manually if needed. *1394 Desktop Camera is for USB webcams.

*Afa Techologies, old stuff carried from Windows XP/Vista. *ATI Technologies, Aver Media, Conexant, Happauge, Luminate-Angel, and ViXS. All are TV tuners.