X Plane 10 Europe Scenery Download

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I have the non-steam version of x-plane 10 global 64-bit with 8 disks. I want to know where I can download the scenery packs steam offers for free, like the Europe or Africa scenery and stuff. I checked out x-plane Africa, but it only has scenery for x-plane 8.5 and not for x-plane 10. I am looking everywhere on the internet for scenery, and I just can't seem to find any. I only find a bit of planes and airports, but not the scenery I'm looking for.


I want that scenery you can download on steam, but for the non-steam version. If those sceneries are only for the steam version, I will probably re-buy the game later on steam, because I really want that scenery. Those aren't scenery packs, they are what you already have on your 8 disks, which is just the geography (Land, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.) and the auto-gen 'scenery' that X Plane 10 has.

All the airports (with a few exceptions) that come with the steam version and the one you have, are just runways and taxiways with no actual buildings. The freeware scenery and payware scenery you see on the net are mostly those missing buildings/terminals and such that 'fill out' the scenery at all the airports.

Nitti Font Family Downloads here. Downloads; X-Plane 11/10. This is an X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10 scenery package for Maceia/Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport (IATA: MCZ.

In other words, If you already have X Plane 10 GLOBAL, then those free DLC you see on the Steam Store page are what you already have. For Steam users, if they don't plan on flying in a certain area of the world, they can only download the areas that they want, to save on downloading all 80 gigabytes or so at once.

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