Yamaha Ex5 Patch Editor For Dsi

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Yamaha Ex5 Patch Editor For DsiYamaha Ex5 Keyboard

Patchman Music Yamaha EX5 and EX5R Soundbanks Soundbanks for Yamaha EX5, EX5R Yamaha EX5 & EX5R Soundbanks Online MP3 Demo Available! (See Below) PATCHMAN MUSIC offers a brand new wind controller soundbank for the Yamaha EX5 and EX5R. This soundbank contains 128 VL Voices specially designed by wind controller expert to be controlled with a wind controller such as the, WX7, WX11, WindJamm'r, and EVI, Nyle Steiner's MIDI EVI and EWI,,, MDT, or Synthophone. These highly expressive sounds are also fantastic for keyboardists when used with a breath controller such as the Yamaha BC1, BC2, or plugged into the EX5 or EX5R. NOTE: These sounds require a or for proper use. This soundbank loads inside the Yamaha EX5 or EX5R synth- NOT inside a wind controller. Volume 1, 'Best of VL', is the result of the frustration we felt in using the EX5 / EX5R with a wind controller.

We wanted to simply play the built-in VL Elements with a wind controller. Unfortunately, the EX5 / EX5R is not wind-friendly out of the box even though it contains 256 VL Elements that could be used in an EX5 / EX5R Voice. So we carefully reviewed all 256 of the EX5's built-in VL Elements and chose 128 of the best, most responsive woodwind, brass, solo string, and exotic synth lead Elements. Then we programmed special breath-sensitive, wind controller-friendly Voices for each of these Elements.

The result is a full bank of 128 wind controller Voices that can easily be loaded and played with your wind controller or breath controller. Please note that this soundbank utilizes only VL synthesis. Track M1 Garand By Serial Number on this page.

It doesn't necessarily follow that DSI-produced editors would be any better than third-party editors. And there's a long tradition of third-party editors for synths.

No AWM, AN, or FDSP synthesis is used anywhere in this bank! This soundbank was designed to allow you to take advantage of the EX5 and EX5R's preset VL Elements very quickly and simply. The Voices in this soundbank have been arranged in logical groupings and categorized to allow you to quick access to the desired sound.

Additionally, all 128 Voices makes full use of the 6 Controller Knobs for maximum realtime control. The 6 knobs are programmed to allow you to adjust the reverb level, delay level, and early reflection level, PLUS 3 bands of EQ! These 6 important parameters are 'brought up front' for fast access so you can quickly customize the Voice to your musical situation.

No more fumbling at the gig to find the right edit page to tweak the reverb or EQ! If this native EX5 / EX5R soundbank isn't enough, it is also possible to load in up to 16 all-new VL70-m Elements via the MIDI cable by using the. PATCHMAN MUSIC offers two professional quality VL70-m soundbanks (purchased separately) that can be loaded with the Expert Editor software. For details on how you can purchase our VL70-m soundbanks. When using the Expert Editor, we recommend using one of these EX5 / EX5R Volume 1 Voices as a template. This makes the process of loading and controlling new VL Elements very easy. This soundbank is NOT compatible with the Yamaha EX7 We hope you find these highly responsive sounds to be useful and enjoyable!